When you hear the name Sheffield perhaps the image of the industrial revolution, steel and Def Leppard come to mind, not particularly cool right? But city weddings are definitely cool. Sheffield is a surprising place, the centre of the city offers a lot in regards to sleek modern buildings juxtaposed with a few classic grade-listed buildings.

I first met Sam and Ava for a coffee in the centre of Sheffield to discuss their wedding, quickly the conversion moved to the topic of how they first met. Both Sam and Ava met at University, Ava is originally from Bejing and after recently visiting the capital of China myself, I was very excited to hear her thoughts and observations on Bejing and Sheffield. Two obviously very different places. One particular part of their story struck an emotional chord with me. China is a very traditional place and from what I have heard dating a chines girl is not straight forward, I'm sure we all can relate to the nerves brought on by meeting our other halves family for the first time but I can't imagine how Sam felt flying to Bejing by himself to meet with Ava's family to seek their approval of the relationship and prove his devotion. However, he must have impressed the family as it was clear on the day how much affection Ava's parents have for Sam.

A wedding in the city also has a more fast pace feel with the centre of any city being inherently busy, you naturally have to share at least part of your day with the general public. I know a lot of couples plan their day to be a private affair, wanting their wedding to be relaxed and away from prying eyes. However, passing strangers congratulating the couple, offering their best wishes and comments on how beautiful the bride is, just adds to the experience.

We started our walk after quickly getting some photos around the side of the grand Town Hall, we then walked down to towards the Winter Gardens. Outside the gardens are some of Sheffield's biggest modern buildings which were perfect to add an urban twist to Sam and Ava's photos. Finally then walked through the winter gardens getting some natural couple photos on the way.

Later in the evening, we headed back out for some more photos, giving the couple a break from their guests and getting some time for themselves. We explored the side of the canal with the old cobbled streets bathed in the yellow evening light.