Let me answer your questions

Quick FAQ

Do you Travel?

Of course! I love to travel and my passport is at the ready and even though I love photographing weddings in Nottingham you can’t beat a little adventure abroad

Whats your turn around time?

Currently it takes no more than six weeks for your photo gallery to be delivered

Group photos

People tend to hire me for my relaxed documentary style of photography, but I do like to include some formals in the final set of photos. I also understand that some people from an older generation (not mentioning any names Mums and Dads) like to have some of the more traditional shots and it’s nice to keep them happy. I understand how important family group shots are but try to keep it to a minimum so you can enjoy your day fully.20 minutes is usually more than enough

Do you have insurance?

Yes, all my gear is insured and I have public liability insurance.

How much is the deposit and when do we pay you?

In order to secure my services for your day (inside the U.K), a £100 deposit is required

How do we book you?

Once you’ve got in touch and we’ve confirmed I am available for your wedding date, I will send you a link to my booking website.

How many photos do I receive? Who chooses them?

The final image count will depend on the package you select – the general rule: the longer I shoot, the more photos you receive. I choose the images you receive and I don’t limit the amount to any predetermined number – nor do I make you purchase more for an extra fee. You receive all the images from the day that turned out how I anticipated and all of those are edited to be their best.