I Started 2019 with how I intended the rest of the year to continue, photographing couples in interesting places. Whilst I was in Copenhagen I arranged an engagement shoot for a couple who were getting married the following year in 2020. We arranged to meet in the morning of New Year's day, fortunately for me, I didn't stay out too late on New Year's Eve celebrating and was in bed by 1 a.m. This time of year, and especially this part of the world, the sun stays pretty low in the sky so there wasn't too much pressure to wake up super early. In fact, some of the best light and easiest light to work with is during the winter, its just a shame about the weather. The biggest concern for the photoshoot for me was, in fact, the weather forecast. Unfortunately, the wind speeds for the day were ridiculous. We, therefore, started with the agreement that if things became too windy we could always rearrange for the next day and in all honesty, things did become too windy at certain points but the couple braved the conditions. Just like photographing weddings I'm used to having to adapt to different weather conditions, different lighting conditions and unexpected things, making it more difficult to take the photos needed. We started our walk around the Navien which is the 17th century Waterfront canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen. After using the beautiful painted buildings and canal as a backdrop we decided to head further into the city giving some much-needed shelter from the winds. After this we headed towards Chris de Burgh Palace when we took the final few photos.